The White Wings Foundation

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“Finding Inner Peace and Healthy Body
Among The Chaos”

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Susan Z Rich is Also
Columnist And Writer For
7th Sense Stories
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White Wings Foundation is a non-profit organization created with the purpose to help promote alternative and holistic healing options and support for those who are facing physical and emotional challenges. In 1997, Susan Z Rich was facing a health challenge of Stage Four Breast Cancer and chose to heal herself without chemotherapy or surgery. It is her belief that a holistic approach to healing, self empowering tools and a positive belief foundation in well being was a significant factor in her healing and staying well. Since then, Susan Z Rich has dedicated her holistic and counseling therapy practice to helping others find wellness products and solutions to get well emotionally and physically.


Susan Z Rich LCH, ADLM, RM

For Appt:  407-862-6902

White Wings Foundation, Inc.
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